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E-CHAEUM Electric Vehicle Charging System

A/S Information

  • Blue Networks Co., Ltd. always tries to offer prompt, accurate services to our customers.
  • Please contact the customer service center for A/S and technical inquiries.
  • Please have the product name ready for more prompt and accurate technical consultation.
Hours of Operation
Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on weekend and holidays)
Call Center

Paid/free services

In case of malperformance/ malfunction within warranty period that occurs during normal operation
Recurrence of identical error in the same area during normal operation within 2 months after paid repair
Simple part replacement, even if the warranty expired
Breakdown of product after the warranty expired
Customer negligence (damage of parts or product due to transport, fall, shock and damage, forced operation, setting error, etc.)
Breakdown caused by natural disasters (fire, seawater damage, gas damage, earthquake, storm/flood damage, lightning, etc.)
Expiration/ damage of consumable parts