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E-CHAEUM Electric Vehicle Charging System



Social management policy

  1. Company shall comply with relevant laws to fulfill company’s social responsibilities in terms of environment, society, and governance, and contribute to the society as a member of local community.
  2. Company shall comply with related laws in environment, society, and governance for ESG management, and further contribute to the society.
  3. ESG management shall be promoted to meet the expectations of all employees and various concerned parties, and promote sustainable growth of the company.
  4. We acknowledge the importance of company’s role as a responsible corporate citizen, and try to listen closely to the requests of interested parties and build social confidence.
  5. We consider the introduction of ESG management in overall operation of company/business, and try to become a sustainable company.

Human rights management policy

  1. We respect and comply with international standards and norm that support the value of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.
  2. There is no discrimination based on race, religion, disability, gender, age, education, physical condition, country, hometown, employment type, political opinion, etc.
  3. Company tries to protect and improve the human rights of all employees of Blue Networks and all interested parties, and contribute to the local community through management activities.
  4. Company forms a healthy labor-management confidence culture where employees and company actively participates.
  5. Company forms safe and pleasant work environment to put emphasis on industrial safety and health.
  6. Company complies with environment-related laws of Korea and abroad, and tries to protect the environment.
  7. Company fulfills responsibility of respect for children’s rights, and perform the duty of protection to realize children’s safety and rights.
  8. Company guarantees the freedom of association and collective bargaining, and does not allow abuse of power and forced labor.
  9. Company prevents human rights violation in advance, provides proper relief measures, and make efforts to settle the culture of respect for human rights.

CEO, Blue Networks Co., Ltd.

Soon Yong Roh