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E-CHAEUM Electric Vehicle Charging System

ESG management

Blue Networks Co., Ltd. has been offering advanced knowledge service to customers through I&C system-based information society, and will strive

To become a company that establishes EV charging infrastructure system and supplies eco-friendly energy with the goal to become a sustainable company.

( Environmental )
( Social )
( Governance )

In addition, we will contribute to the development of local community and promote
ESG management as follows by leading changes in customers’ lives and
innovation in other businesses.

  1. First

    We will turn into a eco-friendly business that uses 100% new renewable energy by 2030.

  2. Second

    We will promote eco-friendly management for the future generation and actively participate in achieving NET-Zero 2050.

  3. Third

    We will become a business that communicates with citizens and contributes to solving social issues through the cooperation with local community.

  4. Fourth

    We will make efforts for law observance and clear governance for clear management.

  5. Fifth

    We will actively practice ESG management through ESG Promotion Committee.

  6. Sixth

    We will strive to correspond to the global standards (ISO) throughout the overall company operation through the introduction of expanded digital platform.

Blue Networks Co., Ltd. will always try to prioritize in
customer value and set an example as a member of local community.

Blue Networks Co., Ltd.

Noh, Soon Yong