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With its energetic and challenging spirit, KBLUE is constantly moving forward to become one of the top companies in the fields of electric industry and information & communication.

We are committed to becoming a company that fully satisfies its customers by building the integrated computer networks based on our hardware, software, and human infrastructure.

We have registered our factory and obtained a direct production certificate, releasing DODOLIM recorder equipped with the fault diagnosis function for the first time in the world, and make every effort to expand our business from the domestic market into the global market by directly manufacturing security cameras (CCTV) and mobile communication relays.

We have particularly obtained the electrical construction business certificate to directly manufacture an electric vehicle charger, which is a product in one of the top future vehicle-related industries projected to grow the most. Furthermore, we are going to expand our business into the area of new renewable energy (e.g. solar energy generation, fuel electricity, ESS, and Hydrogen multi energy filling station) to prepare for a brighter future.

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KBLUESoon-Yong Noh

Company Information

Company Name


Foundation Date

January, 2007.


117, Eopseong 2-gil, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do (31706)


Soon-Yong Noh

Business Area

EV Charging Infrastructure, Video Security Camera, CCTV

Tel / Fax

1833-9131 / 041-417-1600

Business Area

Information & Communication

Video monitoring system (integrated security camera control, parking, parking enforcement, crime prevention, and safety)

Broadcasting equipment (public address, emergency, and mobile)

SI (server, storage, network, and software)

OA system (PC, automated billing machine, and office devices)

Video display system (video wall, DID, and LED signs)

Information & communication construction (integrated wiring, optic cable, and LAN)

Parking control facilities, entry/exit control system

New electric business field

Registered with the Ministry of Environment as an EV charging business operator to produce EV chargers (express/slow/mobile)

Business using new renewable energy (solar energy/fuel cell)

Electrical construction

Overseas business field

Mobile communication repeater(GSM, WCDMA)